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invited competition Vlaams Bouwmeester, winning proposal

The 'Meesterproef' is a competition that tries to give young graduates their first commission. Each architecture school in Flanders delegates some students, from this delegation 18 students were selected to compete on six different sites in a one week design assignment. At the end of the week six winning projects were awarded with a commission to build their project. Due to administrative problems the start of the project has been delayed.

The project is situated on a corner on an entry road to a large new development site in Kortrijk-weide, a masterplan by Stephane Beel Architects. The challenge was to combine the specific conditions of the corner location with the desired function as an eye catcher and the height restrictions from adjacent buildings. The programme of the building consists of four dwelling units with private gardens and terraces.


Meesterproef concept scheme
Meesterproef street facade SE
Meesterproef street facade SW
Meesterproef courtyard facade NW
Meesterproef plan 0
Meesterproef plan +1
Meesterproef plan +2
Meesterproef situation plan